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High Voltage Insulation Mat

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Insulation mats are generally used for covering the floor where high voltage electrical instruments are kept.The insulation mat is mainly used for safety of workers while installing and operating electrical instrument. There is always a chance of current leakage during repair and maintenance of these machines, insulation mats provide the safety net for engineers and electricians in this circumstances. Insulation mats are an absolutely essential feature of any electrical installations in any building. The insulation mats are manufactured using a  synthetic compound made of latex and rubber. The insulation mats are available in various thinckness depending on the intensity of electrical voltage that the machines and instruments carry.For obtaining maximum practical safety in adverse working conditions, the mat are  permanently pasted with the help of suitable adhesive/resin, which does not energize between –40 and +55°C. All joints and comers are filled/covered with insulating material of matching colour. Matching colour and matching designed tapes should be used to maintain an aesthetic look of the installation over thejoints and comers. Wherever the floor is porous in nature and attracts moisture, waterproofing compound is recommended to be used to protect insulating and electrical properties. Insulation mats should be washed with soap and water periodically at temperature not exceeding recommended temperature of use. Contact with petrol/paraffin or white spirit and strong acidlalkalis should be avoided. Incase of any drop out these be removed immediately for longer life. Dust of any kind, especially coal/cement must be removed regularly. Any paint mark should be removed immediately without excessive use of thinner. Insulation mats should be stored in its container or package. Care should be taken to ensure that the mats are not compressed, folded or stored in proximity to steam pipes, radiators or other sources of artificial heat or exposed to direct sunlight, artificial light or other sources of ozone. It is desirable that the ambient.


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