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Why Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl has firmly established itself as a worthy replacement for traditional forms of floorings such as wood and stone, which were being used in our homes, offices, and commercial establishments for years. Vinyl makes floors look smarter and attractive. It is also recyclable making it the most environment friendly material available for floorings.

In fact, Vinyl are extremely easy to install. They are also more affordable than other forms of floorings and are available in an extremely wide range giving you the option to choose exactly what your hearts desire. It also allows individual creativity to blossom by allowing you to create your own design patterns.

Not just this, Vinyl are joint less and seam less, anti skid, extremely high on hygiene and moisture and termite resistant making them stand heads and shoulders above all other forms of floorings.


Properties Vinyl Carpet Ceramic/Vitrified Tile Laminate Flooring Natural Wood
Durability Good Average V Good Average Good
Ease Of Installation V easy Easy Good Average Average
Maintenance Cost Nil High Average Average Above Average
Anti skid Nil High Low Average High
No. Of Joints Minimum in sheets,can be welded to make seamless N/A Many Joints Many Joints Many Joints
Cleanliness Ideal as does not attract dust Attract dust Average Average Average
Fire Retardant Yes No Yes No No
Effect of water/moisture No effect Affected No effect Swelling Swelling
Recyclability/Reusable Fully recyclable Partial Yes Partial Yes
Sound Insulation Good V Good Poor Poor Good
Foot Comfort Good Good Poor Poor Poor
Thermal Insulation Good V Good Poor Good Good


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